Year 3/4 Mental Maths Games


Here’s a little sample of my Mario themed Mental Maths games I’ve created to help our LKS2 children in our schools continue to practise their quick fire maths skills during the COVID lockdown.

The idea was to provide our children with a fun outlet to practise their skills, with a familiar format and theme, as well as a voice they recognised behind the game to help instruct them.

Full selection of games are on my TES page but can also be played on the partnership platform.

Happy to take suggestions for further areas of practise or game ideas!

Platform Pandemonium…. a ‘chain’ activity to support practise of more than one step problems prior to the day’s problem solving activity
Multiples of 10 version of ‘Mario Kart’
Princess Peach and the Journey Home
Double Trouble – quick fire doubling practise
Year 3 Wipeout – Year 3 Number Bond to 100 Practise
Yoshi’s Eggs – recap of operations using mental skills
Bowser Ball (ice edition) recap of strategies for subtraction

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