Share Bears

Share Bears

Share Bears is a parent & child programme designed to engage disadvantaged families in reading together for pleasure, and to help teach early literacy skills. So far the programme has been trialled in three different primary schools in Year R, with more than 40 families completing the programme so far.

Each week, children and families are given a story sack, that contains a book for the week. Books have been carefully selected from lists of recommended stories for young children.

Within the story sack, parents are given a booklet containing questions about the story that can be asked verbally. Question styles match the foci from the National Curriculum (Content Domains). The programme leader models and explains the question types to parents (such as inference or prediction) and highlights discussion points within the story, prior to children joining the session.

Parent & child read, enjoy and explore the story together within the session, supported by the question prompts and programme leader. Afterwards, there is an art activity based on the book for the family to complete together (pre modelled).

Children are then given the book to take home in their story sack, to read to their ‘Share Bear’ (teddies given out at the start of the programme) and families, with ‘at home’ tasks to complete, around the topic. These include ideas for crafts, role play, and further reading, as well as word searches, colouring and curriculum based activities.

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