What did parents say?

Share Bears

Parent Comments across 3 schools:

“My child has loved Share Bears, we have managed to spend quality one on one time together.”

“Share Bears has really got my child into loving books.”

“I liked the idea behind it and my daughter was very excited by it!”

“I think all the sessions I attended were very well organised and very enjoyable.”

“I think it is a great way to keep up to date with your child’s learning.”

“It was good to spend time with my child in the school environment.”

“It’s nice to have an understanding of what’s being taught”‘

“I have loved coming to Share Bears, the activities have been amazing!”

“Doing Share Bears is good fun for the adults, also the children. Seeing their faces when you walk in is priceless and it gives them something to look forward to.”

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part. I hope that you get more books so we can take part again!”

“I joined Share Bears to help my child with learning to read, to learn the best ways to encourage her.”

“Thank you for giving us parents the opportunity to come into the school and bond as well as learn.”

“My child always asked if it was Share Bear day and got excited when he knew I was coming in .”

“Really great workshop, lovely to interact, read and make with my child. Miss Crawshaw and Mrs D run it really well and make you feel very welcome.”

“Thank you for giving us parents the opportunity to come into the school and bond as well as learn.”

“It has give me more of an insight into what my child does at school and how I can continue to help at home.”

“Both me and my child have thoroughly enjoyed Share Bears with both the contents and activities provided. It has given me a good opportunity to get a better insight to their day and the way they are taught, and I would definitely recommend it to others as well as for other children.”

“I am really grateful for Share Bears- we love it! Parents are so busy, I think it’s nice the school does this. It helps parents to sit and learn with their child. It also taught me how to encourage my son with his reading.”

“The Share Bears programme has helped my child to improve his reading. It’s also helped my wife and I to be part of our child’s academic progress.”

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