What’s next for Share Bears?

Share Bears

At present, the programme has been rolled out at three schools, two of which have completed three cycles (8 week programme) already. Ideally, guidelines for other schools to implement the programme would be contained within a manual, with all resources available electronically from a website for download to print in their own settings. Hard copies of the books can be used again and again for each cycle delivered.

Feedback from parents at the three schools said that the majority would like to attend a similar programme in the next year group (KS1). Books suggested by parents included more Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl, and traditional tales and fairy tales- although I am currently researching less well known tales by newer authors to share with families, as many of the current stories were already known to parents and their children.

Further funding would allow school to purchase more books and create supporting resources for the literature, to develop into more story sacks. Ideally, an eight week programme for children and parents in Year 1 and Year 2 could then be created- with staff instruction to support parents with the more complex texts, questioning and understanding required at the end of KS1. These story sacks could then link further to homework, with accompanying projects focusing on topic areas that may not be explicitly taught as part of the curriculum at present- as well as encompassing the art activities as enjoyed by both the parents and children!

Beyond the current 4 school partnership that I work for, I would love to create an online platform with access to all the comprehension and home activity resources for other schools to access. If schools are readily equipped with the books (although an this may be an initial investment, they can be stored and used for years to come) they can access the bespoke comprehension questions and activities, and share ideas and feedback within a professional forum. A manual would be produced to support schools with the running and management of each session, as well as train staff to deliver the programme. This would include additional resources, such as templates for letters and posters to promote the programme, pre/post questionnaires to measure impact and access to support with set up.

Current ideas I am working on at present for KS1 include:

Finn the Little Seal – with links to project work on plastic pollution and polar animals (Science/Geography links)

Shampooch- with links to pet and animal care (Science/PSHE links)

The Monster Cafe- links to mythical beasts and creatures, role play restaurants, recipe creation (English/DT links)

(Art idea from Pinterest)
(Art idea from Pinterest)
(Art idea from Google Images)

As per the aims set out earlier within the blog, purchasing further texts for KS1, and using funding to develop a web platform and manual to support other schools would help to…

Improve parental engagement in schools, focusing primarily on schools with high level of disadvantage.

Ensure professionals are comfortable and competent to model effective comprehension and questioning for parents.

Foster a culture of home reading and love of books in families.

Provide children in disadvantaged areas with access to high quality, stimulating texts from a range of authors and genres.

Further support school outcomes in English and early reading.

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