Impact of the Primary Phonics Programme


Underpinning this approach to phonics and reading is a relentless drive and ambition to ensure we equip all of our children as strong, confident readers who enjoy reading for pleasure and have a lifelong love of reading.

The programme continues to impact and drive up standards within partnership schools. Results are consistently well above the National Average (statistics on request.)

The three founding schools of the programme are now within the top 9% of the country for phonics. This has also had subsequent impact on KS1 reading results and chronological reading age. The vast majority of pupils start Year 2 and subsequently KS2 as fluent, confident readers.

Links between writing and spelling in phonics have also contributed to stronger outcomes in KS1 writing. Children have clear strengths within grapheme-phoneme correspondences in spelling in their day to day work, whilst work in Guided Reading books highlights children’s ability to read fluently and at speed.

The success of the programme has led to work with many other schools, who have taken our planning, resources and assessment systems. We have trained their staff in a similar fashion, within the local authority, and beyond (Portsmouth & Wiltshire) leading to an increase in their results.

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